Treatments & Procedures

Dr A Moodley has extensive training in medical dermatology and treats various skin conditions. Infinity Dermatology Inc. also offers cosmetic dermatology using the latest treatments and techniques to achieve a natural and youthful appearance for our patients.

Skinpen: Micro-Needling Treatment

The first FDA-cleared and globally approved micro needling device for a number of skin treatments ranging from acne scarring, improvement of skin tone for Melasma, stretch marks and skin rejuvenation.

Laser hair removal

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light which uses very gentle pulses of light to remove hair from the root it is used for the full body, face, underarms and bikini hair removal and is relatively painless.

Pigmentation Treatments

Skin examination for diagnosis and determination of the cause.

  • Medical facials.
  • Glycolic acid medical grade peels.

Glow Getter Glycolic Peel

A glycolic acid peel that remove dull, damaged skin cells, stimulates skin renewal whilst promoting a healthier, plumper and tighter skin.

General Dermatology Treatments

Liquid Nitrogen / Cryotherapy / Freezing
Treatments for Warts, molluscum, solar keratoses and Seborrhoeic keratoses

Keloid Injections
Treatments for Keloids and thickened scars.

Treatments For Skin Tags, Milia, Lumps & Bumps