About Dr Ameshin Moodley

MBBS, FC Derm (SA), MMed Derm, Fellow In Hair (Aus)

Dr Ameshin Moodley has always had a keen interest in skin after being a patient himself and agonized with skin issues from a young age. After completing his medical degree, he started his long journey to become a Dermatologist and has been in Dermatology for an over a decade. He completed his fellowship in Dermatology (FC Derm SA) 2018, then went on to pursue a fellowship in Hair in Melbourne Australia in 2019 and completed his masters in Dermatology (MMED) in 2020.

He has vast clinical experience in general dermatology having worked for 10 years in the state sector. His passion then developed for hair and under the leadership of Professor Anisa Mosam he was able to pursue his dream to study further completing a fellowship in hair under professor Rodney Sinclair in Melbourne Australia. He has experience in all hair disorders but with a special interest in, male & female pattern hair loss (alopecia)

Being the 1st in KZN having gone overseas and done a fellowship in hair Dr Moodley is on the cutting edge of medical treatment of hair in South Africa. He manufactures all his own hair medication which is tailored to each specially per each patient needs and products in South Africa. He is at present doing his diploma via the college of medicine South Africa (CMSA) in allergology and in the process of starting his PHD in hair specifically alopecia via the university of Stellenbosch. Dr Moodley is licensed as a specialist dermatologist with the HPCSA available for consultation at Life Chatsmed Garden Hospital, Ahmed Al-Kadi Private Hospital and Busamed Gateway Hospital in Durban.